Creating a Positioning Statement

You’ll need to create a positioning statement for your nonfiction book and it needs to be small but mighty! Networking superstars will tell you to have a short “elevator introduction” about yourself before heading off to an event. Your positioning statement serves the same purpose. It’s an elevator intro for your book.

A positioning statement is a short, straightforward sentence that states: 

  • your book’s subject, 
  • who it’s for and,
  • what benefits result from reading it.

It’s the heart of your marketing, including the back-of-the-book blurb, and the product description on Amazon. It’s also the nut of the creative brief you give your book designer, and you’ll need it to interest a potential publisher. It improves your organization and writing. That’s a lot of heavy lifting! You see why it needs to be mighty.

A positioning statement could be, for instance, “This book teaches young women to achieve future financial independence so they can live uncompromising lives.” Or, “This book shows millennials how to achieve optimum fitness in 15 minutes a day and have more time to spend enjoying a healthy life.” 

Writing a positioning statement is a useful chore before you start writing. It helps you keep your focus. But, you will likely want to review that statement after you do some market research to ensure that statement is appropriate for your target market. Now is the time to tweak your statement, if necessary. A clear, targeted positioning statement is the guiding light to your marketing plan. It identifies who your market is and the benefit your book provides them. Next, your marketing plan will outline where you will find those people, how you can reach them.

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